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Let me FOCUS on my code review

We're all tired of too much noise and too much code distraction in our GitHub code reviews. For the sake of focus we've created an unique approach. Time to focus on code - not tests!
copy ignoreTheTests()

const ignoreTheTests = () => {
  const files = Array.from(document.getElementsByClassName('file-header'))
  files.map((file, i) => {
    const fileInfo = Array.from(file.children).find(element =>
    const fileName = Array.from(fileInfo.children).find(
      element => element.tagName === 'A',
    if (fileName.endsWith('.test.ts')) {
      const fileActions = Array.from(file.children).find(element =>
      const form = fileActions.children[0].children[0].children[0]
      const input = Array.from(form.children).find(
        element => element.tagName === 'LABEL',
      setTimeout(() => input.click(), 100 * i)
How it works

Mark files as viewed in your GitHub Pull-Request review – programatically!

This script loops through all the changed files in your GitHub PR review and marks the .test.ts files as viewed in the interface.
You can now safely review all the really relevant files without getting bothered by test changes or snapshot updates.


less hassle


less noise during reviews


more effectivity
Whats wrong with it?

Skipping a review of tests is evil! Full stop!

We'd like you to stop reading, shut down your computer, start breathing for a minute and think about your profession. Tests are the core of your code. They help you maintain functionality and deliver quality.
We know it's hard to review 7.000 changed lines and 200 changed files. We know it's hard to keep track of everything a review requires. We can only encourage you to think twice before you start skipping reviewing the core of your code!
The key to great reviews

Good reviews take time – but they're worth every second you spend on them.

You don't only improve the quality if you invest a lot of effort into your review – you also pay respect to the creator. You will most likely learn a lot of new things and you help others to improve. It's a win-win-win situation for everyone!
In-Deep and high quality reviews will make you tired. You will feel exhausted. But it's OK! It's ok to take the time! The only thing that needs to change is the mindset regarding this topic!
To give you some more context – we've spent ~5 hours on a review which had 5.000 lines of code – it was more than worth it!
Why all of this?

We wanted to highlight the importance of high quality Reviews and how easy we tend to forget about it.

To be very honest – we use ignoreTheTests() from time to time. But we're very aware of it! Our main job over here is UI/UX Design & Development – not functional API code. You see... it all depends on the context when taking decisions. Dont forget yours!
Brought to you with ❤️ from the people at UX Review