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Case Study

Product Hunt

If there's THE place to be for your product it's for sure Product Hunt. How good is a product which tries to market products from an UX perspective?
The Business Objectives

What do we want to achieve? Which problems do we solve?

There are thousands of ideas and noteworthy products out there – ranging from micro problem solving products to fully fledged solutions. They all deserve attention!
The mission is simple - shaping an ecosystem where people can easily discover new products and products can get the fame they really deserve.


products discovered




the hub for successful product launches
The target audience

Who did we build it for & which people do we target

First of all we have users who are curious about new products and don't want to miss out on new opportunities in their area of expertise. They're typically extremely open for new tech and new approaches.
We also have makers who're trying to market their products, open minded and with a large background of other successfull products. Our users tend to be in general on the younger side of life and ejoy a fresh breeze of humour.
Scope of the review

What did we review exactly?

As a medium sized review we tried to focus on the 2 main areas of Product Hunt – product discovery and product marketing. We quickly glampsed over the other sections (Founders, Ship, Radio, etc) to get a better holistic overview of the platform.
Who conducted the review:
Daniel L.
UX/UI Developer
UX from a developer point of view
With over 15 years of Frontend development experience Daniel knows all the best practises out there to help transforming designs and ideas into real, beautiful experiences.

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The key findings

What did we advise Product Hunt to do?

Even tho the product works like a charm we've found some things worth to improve. The UI might seem a little bit "outdated" and not top of the notch – but it surely fulfills it's purpose.
Some views lack attention to details by having elements not wrapping nicely and therefor having weird margins/offsets.
The mix between new and modern (e.g. Founder Club) compared to other areas (e.g. Makers) seems a little weird - but might give the impression of premium HQ vs. basic.
We see the potential of Product Hunt to become a collaborative, knowledge sharing platform where people with ideas are enabled to actually bring it to life.
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