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Case Study

L'Oreal marketing campaign

We conducted a review on L'Oreal`s Barber Club – which is a consolidation of all the tools a man needs to groom a his perfect beard.
The Business Objectives

What do we want to achieve with this campaign? Which problems do we solve?

Beards became extremely trendy over the last decade and more and more people try get one – but most of them either give up or lack the ressources to groom a great one!
We're trying to provide all the necessary research material, guides and tools/care products for men in one single place – enabling people to succeed in growing a lovely beard.


people - potential reach


Fortune 500 company


The synonym for beauty and fashion
The target audience

Who did we build it for & which people do we target

The target audience is obviously men. Men who care about their visual presence – or who are forced by their job to look sharp.
We identified the target audience to be very open to new technologies and open minded about body care. The targeted age is between 28 and 43 years old.
Scope of the review

What did we review exactly?

Starter reviews are very rough evaluations based on minimal input to be able to give advices and identify issues. We evaluated the Landing Page and the general impression for end users.
Who conducted the review:
Alice C.
Marketing Designer
Beauty is everywhere – you just need to look closely.
Alice successfully launched over 100 marketing campaigns for different Fortune 500 companies. Helping them to deliver their message straight to the point!

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The key findings

What did we advise L'Oreal to do?

The Initial impression fits perfectly for the targeted audience but the more you scroll the more the style seems to get mixed up. Try to stick to the clean and elegant look & feel across the page.
There are a lot of "outdated" design elements on the site which don't reflect current trends anymore (e.g. wooden board in the background.)
Some sections and containers don't resize properly and have bad/no paddings/margings giving the impression of not being detail oriented. Growing a perfect beard requires exactly this attitude tho...
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