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Case Study

BMW Car Configurator

We conducted an in-deep review for the ultimate feature on BMW's website. Customize your dream!
The Business Objectives

What do we want to achieve? Which problems do we solve?

BMW is a synonym for a lot of feelings and emotions we trigger in poeple. We pride ourself to deliver sheer driving pleasure.
We want to create an unforgettable experience for everyone interested in creating his dream car. People need to have dreams – and if it's about cars – BMW should be a part of it.


sold vehicles / year


a pure cult company


years of experience
The target audience

Who did we build it for & which people do we target

BMW prepared a lot of personas - which all lead towards people with a strong sense for aesthetics, clean design and a favour for masculine objects.
The target age range varies between 18 and 60 years – some of them with little technical background – but all of them with the dream of a owning an individual BMW one day.
Scope of the review

What did we review exactly?

For in-deep reviews we tend to review the whole user journey – from first touch to final buying decision. We took mobile devices very serious when evaluating and providing guidance. We analyzed competitors and thought out of the box when researching possible solutions.
Who conducted the review:
Michael H.
UX/UI Designer
Crafting products that are loved by people.
Michael was part of over 50 StartUps and worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies to help them shape their products from a user centered perspective.

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The key findings

What did we advise BMW to do?

The configurator doesn't really match the clean CI completely and lacks attention to some design details.
Thinking out of the box might have been the crucial trick here. The interface is extremely bloated and users are simply overwhelmed with all the options.
Less is often more! Reducing the interface to the absolute minimal will solve the quite overwhelming look&feel. Nike and Under Armour might be one of the best examples on how to successfully achieve this design principle.
UX reviews for products of ambitious companies:
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