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Case Study

Amazon Prime Video on Android TV

We conducted a medium sized review for one of our favourite TV content source. Amazon Prime Video. After spending tons of hours with this App (which of course also applies to the main competitors Apps) we were very confident about some findings...
The Business Objectives

What do we want to achieve with this App? Which problems do we solve?

VOD streaming is not only a matter of great content but also a matter of how often people come back and how much new content a user is able to discover.
While competition got tough in this market Amazon strives to become the #1 video on demand platform worldwide. We can only achieve this goal by providing the user the best possible experience.


frequently active users


avg. session length


Alexa traffic rank
The target audience

Who did we build it for & which people do we target

Our audience is a mixed with a variety of background. The main audience is tech and design affine while in the age range of 16 to 45 years.
Amazon provided some more in deep personas which helped our reviewers finding the right context.
Scope of the review

What did we review exactly?

Since this was a medium sized review - the main focus was on the initial experience the users get right after opening the app. Reviewing the more secondary actions (Detail, Search, Settings, etc) was more of a holistic approach.
Who conducted the review:
Martin M.
UX/UI Designer
Making users happy!
Martin influeced around 30 products and more than 5 Mio. users every day. He was involved in crafting Google Mail and is now helping Dev's to have a wonderful UX.

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The key findings

What did we advise Amazon to do?

Amazon should re-evaluate it's sections and content. Most users want to continue watching and this should therebore be the main focus area – currently its way too much "discovery mode".
The interface seems to be a little bit on the slow side – making it not so much fun to use in comaprison to competitors.
Fonts and Typography don't perfetcly support the view's hierachy – it's hard to visually cluster and identify "the thing" a user wants to achieve.
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